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A La Carte Daylilies: The Daylily Specialists

Welcome to our website devoted entirely to DAYLILIES (Hemerocallis), an enchanting perennial, easy to grow, and in so many colours, shapes, sizes and forms. We have divided our daylilies into four main categories; Large flowered, Small flowered, Miniature and Spider types. We also have a small selection of micro-propagated daylilies.

A La Carte Daylilies is a mail order service. Daylilies are ideal subjects for mail order because they are so resilient. We have often had plants sent to us from abroad that have been in transit for 3 or 4 weeks (or more) but very soon regained their vigour. We send them to you by first class post and they nearly always arrive within two days.


A La Carte Daylilies is now in its 17th year, so to mark this in some small way we have added over 70 new plants to the website this year. Many previous prices on this site have been reduced.

We would also like to thank our many customers for their lovely letters. Enjoy your Daylilies from Jan and Andy.

Garden Picture

Most of our plants were originally imported and before they could be considered for inclusion in this web site they have been planted out and trialled in our garden for 4 to 5 years. We need to do this because some imports do not perform well in our climate and these will not be offered for sale.

We hold two National Collections of Hemerocallis; Miniature (Jan) and Large flowered (post 1960 award winners) (Andy). The status of National Collection is given by the National Council for Conservation of Plants and Gardens.